Navika 2021 Business Forum

The COVID pandemic will pass. With it, the booming economy in Karnataka and the world will return. There are unique challenges and opportunities in the post-COVID world. Join us for the Navika 2021 Business Forum to:

  1. Explore opportunities in Entertainment and Film – be it becoming a fractional producer of an upcoming Ramesh Aravind film or an OTT channel.

  2. What industries and specific companies will lead the way – EV, hospitality, health, technology.

  3. Listen to 3 exciting pitches from start ups. The AmeriKan Investment Group, an offshoot of Navika will lead the discussions and show how you can join and profit with them.

Session 1: Film/Entertainment/Media Session - 1.5 hour session
Part 1: Leader: Keerthi Swamy
  • Challenges and opportunities in developing and marketing entertainment content to a Kannada audience. What are the gaps and weaknesses? Why is Kannada content in such low demand? Is it the audience, the content makers, or distributers?

  • What is the future of large format Kannada films for  theatrical release? Will theaters continue to show Kannada films?

  • Panel discussion with content buyers from Netflix, Disney, etc.

  • What can we do about it (remediation)

  • Discussion and Presentation by Vallisha Shastry about KOTT

    • Is OTT the future? With so many OTT outlets, what is it’s future?

    • How can one get a critical mass, is “pay per view” the future?

Part 2: Leader: Ravi Kashyap
  • What are the elements of a successful media production (film, web series, documentary, etc.)

  • The concept of “Fractional ownership”. How does that work? What can we as a group do?

  • Pitch: Ravi Kashyap’s Ramesh Arvind project – details of the business plan?

  • Panel: Review and analysis

Session 2: Post-Covid Winners and Opportunities – Which industries and companies will benefit and provide investment opportunities
  • Coordinator: Suresh Ramachandra, Girish Nimbekai

  • 1.5 hrs

  • Work from Home Solutions: Companies such as Zoom, Docusign, Teledoc, Netflix, and Microsoft have thrived. How will these companies fare in the next 3 years? Can their success continue when people go back to their offices?

  • Real Estate: Hotels and Hospitality have suffered the most with near zero occupancy for several months. Many have had to shut down completely. Commercial Real Estate (Malls, Office buildings, We-Work) have also been hurt. On the other hand, residential real estate has fared better. However, this presents an opportunity to invest in distressed hospitality assets to take advantage of the recovery. Will business travel, work at the office, etc. return to Pre-covid levels or have things changed forever?

  • Tourism and Travel: Travel has stalled, but is expected to explode over the next few months. With this airlines, cruiselines, and resorts will prosper. How can you participate?

  • Healthcare and Pharma: Which companies and segments are thriving because of the rapid development and demand of COVID related technologies such as mRNA and rapid testing.

Session 3: AmeriKan sponsored Investment Group – Pitch by 3 Start ups which leverage international opportunities and partnerships
  • (1.5 hrs)

  • 3 Start ups will pitch to a panel of experts from AmeriKan

  • Panelists will ask questions and provide suggestions.

  • Panelists will discuss the pitches and conclude.