Reimagining Opportunities in a post-Covid world

Welcome to Navika 2021 Virtual Business Forum

August 27, 28 and 29, 2021

The ongoing Covid pandemic has been challenging for the world. Several industries such as retail and hospitality suffered. However, some sectors have thrived and will continue to boom. We will focus on investment opportunities in 3 such sectors: Real Estate, HealthCare and Digital Entertainment.

Come listen to leading figures in several fields discuss unique opportunities and associated challenges in the post-Covid world and discover how you can participate by investing individually or through a syndicate, in these rapidly growing companies.

Session 1: Real Estate and Syndication

Hosts: Vijay Kotrappa, Shiv Kumar


  • Trinity Private Equity Group (Sandeep Shrivastava)

  • BridgeGaps Real Estate (Vishal Arora)

  • AmeriKan Investment Forum (Suresh Ramachandra)


Residential (apartment complexes, new developments, senior living) and Industrial (storage, industrial) real estate are booming. Prices are rising. One can invest in an individual condo or in a REIT. However, there is a third option that has become popular – it is through companies such as Trinity Private Equity Group and BridgeGaps Real Estate. The risk-reward is hard to beat. Investors have typically realized 20-25% annual returns.  Join us to hear from these successful firms and from successful investors.

AmeriKan Investment Forum was formed to facilitate diversification, creation of investment syndicates. Hear how you can join the forum to learn, to invest, and to introduce new companies.

Session 2: HealthCare

Hosts: Dr. Harsha Rajsimha (Jeeva)


Healthcare and Pharma: Several companies and segments are thriving because of the rapid development and demand of COVID related technologies such as mRNA and rapid testing. Clinical trials, FDA approval cycles have been accelerated. Hear from our experts and discover such opportunities.

Session 3: Post-Covid Opportunities in the entertainment industry

Part 1: Increasing opportunities for Kannada content in the entertainment industry.

Host: Keerthi Swamy

Kannada is a very historic and culturally rich language. 60 million people speak Kannada in India and abroad, yet there is very little Kannada language content, especially in the streaming entertainment platform. Let’s-

  • Dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities in developing and marketing entertainment content in Kannada.

  • Discuss the future of large format Kannada films for theatrical release


  • TBD: Content Acquisition Heads from Disney/Hotstar, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

  • Vallisha Shastry, President KOTT.TV, the one and only exclusive Kannada online entertainment channel.

Part 2: Successful Media Production and Fractional Ownership

Host: Ravi Kashyap

  • What are the elements of a successful media production (film, web series, documentary, etc.?

  • Are you interested in becoming an owner of a Kannada movie/serial? If so let’s look at the trendy “Fractional ownership” model as applied to the entertainment industry.

Session 4: Navika Startup Competition
Sponsored by AmeriKan Investment Group

If you are an entrepreneur with an impressive startup, looking to raise your profile and creating new business connections, then you have come to the right place.  The actual presentations will be reviewed after the conference.

Host: Vijay Kotrappa

Enter your application now – send your information and pitch deck to