Enrollment is closed now
Enrollment is closed now

Call for Entries – Chef Navika

Do you know and love to cook? Are you a creative person and love to create dishes? Are you a person who loves to experiment with food and cooking? If yes, an exciting opportunity awaits for all you Kannada NRI’s to showcase your talent in cooking. This is the first time ever virtual cooking competition for all Kannada NRI's.

How to Enroll:

1. Send a mail to the below email address to express your interest in the competition. Keep in touch with the coordinators and ask questions if any. - NVKS.21.CHEF@GMAIL.COM

2.  Fill out the form when you are ready to participate.

3.  All Participants should register for the Navika Sammelana @

4.  Competition open for Kannada NRI's only.

What are the Rules:

1.  A list of ingredients shall be posted at an appropriate time which will be communicated to all participants ahead of time. Keep watching your e-mails.
2. Each participant needs to register for the Chef Navika event by paying $5.

3. Using the ingredients listed above, A dish need to be created and it is mandatory to use the list of posted ingredients.

4.  In addition to the mandatory ingredients, other ingredients can be used.

5. A video should be created of you creating the dish. It is mandatory to show how the posted ingredients are used in your dish. Make sure you record this correctly and explain in your video.

6. A recipe of your dish should be posted by the participant.

7. Edit your video of creating the dish and ensure it does not exceed 8 mins.

8. Give a creative name to your dish. Your dish will be judged based on Creativity, Recipe and Presentation.


Your dish will be judged by the multi-faceted artist Sihi Kahi Chandru. Chandru has his cookery show
“Bombaat Bhojana” running successfully for many years now. He makes the program very entertaining and easy with catchy names he gives to his dishes.


1. Prizes will be distributed to the winners. More details on the logistics shall be shared soon.

Enrollment is closed now

Navika Chef FAQ:

  1. Do I have to register for Navika Sammelana

  2. Do I have to register for the Navika Chef competition separately?
  3. What is the format of the competition?

  4. What are the Mandatory ingredients?

    1. Potato

    2. Paneer

    3. All Purpose Flour

    4. Corn Starch

    5. Garlic

    6. Ginger

    7. Green Chili

    8. Coriander (Cilantro)

    9. Capsicum

    10. Onion

    11. Sweet corn

    12. Carrots

    13. Rice flour

    14. Groundnuts (Peanuts)

    15. Channa dhal

    16. Milk

    17. Sugar

    18. Almonds

    19. Cashews

    20. Pumpkin (Sihi Kumbalakai)

  5. How many dishes must be prepared?

    • 2 Dishes of your choice must be prepared.

  6. Do I have to use all the Mandatory ingredients listed?

    • Yes, all Mandatory ingredients to be used in your dish.

    • Any number of ingredients can be used in each dish but overall, all the mandatory ingredients should be used in both the dishes put together.

      • For Eg: Dish 1 – 5 Mandatory ingredients, Dish 2 – 15 Mandatory ingredients

      • Dish 1 – 20 mandatory ingredients, Dish 2 – 20 mandatory ingredients etc.

    • Participants are allowed to use any other ingredients of your choice over and above the mandatory ingredients.

  7. How do I video record?

    • Refer to Video Recording Guidelines under the link Submission Guidelines 

    • Pl. mention your name, location, and a brief introduction in the beginning of the video recording.

    • Ignore this Note: YouTube links will not be accepted as final submissions/recordings. In the above link.

    • Each dish can have a maximum of 6 minutes of recording. 12 minutes total for 2 dishes.

    • It is mandatory to show how each of the mandatory ingredients are being used in the dishes.

    • Upload your video to YouTube and share the link by sending a mail to

    • Be innovative and give a unique name to your dish.

    • Include the video link, Photo of your plating, and recipe.

  8. When should I submit the video link?

    • Video links should be submitted by end of day July 19th.

  9. How is the competition judged?

    1. Creativity, Recipe and Presentation​

  10. What are the next steps?

    • A Zoom session will be organized to interact with Mr. Sihi Kahi Chandru.

    • The finalists will be chosen by the judges where they will compete again.

    • The details will be provided at that time.

  11. What if I have more questions?