NAVIKA 21 – 6th Kannada Virtual Kannada Summit

Call for Entries – Navika Kshana

Dear Creative Directors, Artists, Actors and Story tellers. This is your chance to showcase your creative side.  Navika 2021 is inviting entries for it’s 1 Minute Video competition as part of it’s upcoming Navika 2021 Conference in August 2021.

  • Overall theme for the “1 Minute Video” is  “Bhashe, Bhandavya and Bharavase”

  • The Video content has to be less than 60 seconds, original and with no unauthorized use of copyright materials

  • If you are interested please send an email to with your Full Name, email id, Contact Phone number and the Location with an intent to participate. We will share more details (Entry fee, Rules & Regulations)  on the competition shortly. 

  • Registration required for Navika Conference for all participants. Please visit for more details on the upcoming conference in August 27th - 29th

  • All entries are eligible for the “people choice” award showcased during the conference for the global audience. 

  • The competition will be judged by celebrities

  • The entries should be submitted before May 31st 2021 to be considered for the competition

Rules And Regulations

  1. Overall Theme for the 1 minute video is  “Bhashe, Bhandvaya and Bharavase”. 

  2. Each participant needs to register for the Navika Kshana event by paying $5.

  3. You MUST create a one minute (that means 60 seconds) short Video. If you want to add credits or endings to your 1 minute video… do it in those 60 seconds! Anything over 60 seconds risks being disqualified.

  4. You can only enter material that is solely yours. No unauthorized use of copyrighted material. (This is at your own discretion)

  5. Navika will reserve the right to refuse any entry at its own discretion. Submitted material must not contain obscene, unlawful or objectionable material.

  6. The Video can NOT be a documentary. The Video needs to be scripted (this doesn’t mean there needs to be any dialogue) and other than that you can choose pretty much ANY genre for your Video and make it about whatever you want it to be about;  Live-action, animation etc (other than it being a documentary…)

  7. You MUST submit your Video by May 31st 2021 at 5pm PST. You must submit the Video via email to: with the subject line as “One Minute Video - NVKS2021 - Your name”. You can upload your Video directly to Youtube or Vimeo and add the URL to your email when submitting your Video - Ensure to check the Video Private while submitting

  8. Any last minute entry beyond the deadline is not guaranteed to be accepted 

  9. You can deliver your Video as early as you’d like (starting NOW!)

  10. Winners will be announced on August 27-29th during the conference. There will be 5  winners in total

  11. If you are interested please send an email to with your email id, contact information. 

Video Guidelines

Frequently Asked questions

1. I am interested. What are the next steps 

We are glad you are interested, please send a note expressing interest to participate in this competition to and we will send additional details on a regular basis.

2. Is the competition open internationally?
Yes it’s open for everyone (NRI Kannadigas Only) except those from India at this point of time.

3. What is the registration fee for submitting the entry? 

All entries need to have a registration for Navika Conference. In addition there is a one time registration fee of $5 for every entry into the 1 Minute Video Competition.

4. Can I upload multiple Videos to the competition?
Yup yup, of course you can. Each registration will be separate and you will have to pay the registration fee for the event.

5. Does the short Video have to be exactly one minute or can it be more?
It can’t be a second over one minute or you run the risk of being disqualified. All credits and introduction need to be part of the 1 minute video.

6. Can the Video be different from the theme

Yes, it can be but we would recommend if you can send a Video which is around the conference theme. Judges will be looking from the perspective how closely it aligns with  the conference theme.


7. Is there a Whatsapp group or Telegram for the interested folks to collaborate

As of now we will use the emails if there is anything going to be set we will update.

  • Please make sure that videos are in 16:9 ratio i.e. widescreen format.

  • Please record the video, holding camera horizontally, (Vertical videos not accepted)

  • Shoot Steady Video - A tripod is an easy answer to producing steady video

  • Produce Creative Shots - with respect to angles and perspective.

  • Try to avoid back light - Shoot with the sun at your back. 

  • Indoor Video Shooting – good lighting will give your videos a crisper look.

  • Remember to Capture Good Sound - We all know, good audio is an essential complement to high-quality video.  Please use external microphones during recording, (at least a clip on mic)

  • Video format accepted is MP4

  • Resolution – Minimum acceptable rate is 720p.  It is highly recommended for streaming as it runs at a Video bitrate rate between 2,500 and 4,000 kbps which is highly efficient.

  • Maximum resolution 1080p (not used for streaming as it runs at video bitrate of 5000 to 8000 kbps) However, this is not recommended for streaming. When viewers have a slow internet, the lagging and buffering become an issue