NAVIKA 21 – 6th Kannada Virtual Kannada Summit

Call for entries – NAVIKA “KIRU CHITRA”

Submission Rules:

  • Any film with a running time of 10-30 minutes or less, including credits.

  • Films > 30mins or < 10mins will not be considered. This includes scripted or

  • improvisational fiction, experimental film or video, animation, music video, or any other short-form film or video project.

  • Entry Fee is USD $5

  • Submitter must be above the age of 18 to submit entry

  • Three Awards in this category:

    • Best Short Film

    • Best Director

    • Best Writer

  • Non refundable Submission Fee:

    • USD $5 or equivalent in any other currency

  • Submission Deadlines:

    • Submission Opens on June 15th, 2021

    • Submission Deadline is July 15th, 2021

    • Official Line-up Announcement Date is Aug 1st, 2021

  • Films must be in KANNADA ONLY

  • Video file must be in 1080p HD 24 fps or better

  • The person submitting the film will be the main contact for all correspondence 

  • Submitter must have documented rights to the film to be eligible for submission

  • Navika reserves the right to disqualify the entry in case discrepancies are found in

  • the information submitter has provided in the submission form

  • Submitter must provide proof of identification such Passport / DMV ID / Aadhaar

  • Card along with address proof.

  • Navika will not provide feedback on films or specific reasons for selection or

  • rejection of any film.

  • All selected films must keep the selection decision as confidential until the time of

  • the official announcement by Navika

  • For Navika to consider that a film has been submitted successfully, the submitter

  • must meet all the following criteria.

    • Fill out the submission form on Navika website

    • The submission fee is credited to Navika account and

    • Film screener has reached Navika on time