President's Message


Naavu Vishwa Kannadigaru (Navika) is a non-profit organization created to promote and enrich cultural heritage of Karnataka. It is estimated that nearly 500,000 plus people from Karnataka live outside India. NAVIKA has already made huge strides in upholding its promises and efforts in Globalization by successfully convening five world Kannada Samavehsas (conventions) and five Amerikannadotsava in major cities of Karnataka.

We are excited to launch several new projects and initiatives and continue to make leaps and bounds in accomplishing our goals.  Also Kannadigas from all over the world have contributed considerably to charity projects in Karnataka, such as Chief Minister’s Relief fund, Asha Workers, TABs to 10th std students..etc.

This year’s conference is dedicated to the aid of KARUNA America Trust. Karuna America is a US based Tax Exempt non-profit organization dedicated to improving health and literacy in impoverished communities in India.  I humbly request all of you to contribute generously.

Due to COVID pandemic we were forced to conduct NAVIKOTSAVA-20 a virtual conference. COVID situation is improving, however still not certain about the situation during Aug 27 to 29, 2021. So, we have decided to conduct the conference also virtually. We will make use of state of the art technology to conduct virtually and give the participants the festive feeling sitting at home & enjoying.

Many exciting programs are lined up to entertain you and arranging to get traditional rare Karnataka sweets to your doorsteps.

I humbly appeal to each and every Kannadigas to actively participate and get involved in moving this organization to high standards of excellence.  I welcome you to bring your ideas, energy, and participation. Our hope is that NAVIKA will represent itself as an entity of strength, unity and power for all Kannadigas.


Vallisha MV Shastry